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Where we are

Below is a Google Map satellite view showing the Blaen Bran site :




To explore the surrounding area online, if you click “View larger map” it will take you to Google Maps so you can investigate more.

Luckily enough after working up your thirst and appetite walking around the woodland, it is quite conveniently located close to the Bush Inn and the Queen Inn in Upper Cwmbran, and Google seems to know about them too if you want to find them 🙂


For access, there are two main car parks allowing access to the site. Check the Useful Locations page to get the postcodes/lat long of these for your sat navs.

The Blaen Bran (lower) car park involves a bit of a climb to reach the top areas, whereas the Mountain Air car park is higher up the mountain if you want a less strenuous scenic walk, although it involves driving up a single track road and be aware to avoid the animals on the common land!! Below are photos of the car park entrances so you know you’ve arrived :


Main Walking Tracks

Below is a map of the main tracks and footpaths of the woodland. Please be aware at present you should not go above the top track going from the Mountain Air exit to the gate at the western end.

Footpath map website

This is a link to one you can download
Footpaths in Blaen Bran

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