Days Out

This section shows some ideas for days out, whatever your interests…..

Check the events calendar as there may be organised events happening when you are intending to come up, but obviously feel free to use the woodland responsibly yourself.


The intent of the charity committee and volunteers of Blaen Bran is to transform the area to expose as much as is safe of the woodland to show it’s historical past but look to the future to provide a natural and diverse area to attract wildlife of all types. Many of the volunteers and users are learning as they go as they enjoy their walks and efforts to maintain certain walking trails and plant trees for certain anniversaries which will have some historical significance in the future. Anyone can just have a walk around the area but you’ll be surprised about the evidence of the history of the area possibly going back to the Bronze Age, the areas designated for certain significant historical anniversaries and just walk past signs of its obvious water and coal providing past. This area of the website will provide info of the trails to go on to discover some of the wonders.

Things to do

The committee and members of Blaen Bran try to challenge each other every now and then to see if the others can find or improve on a certain idea or place. Certain places get painted or decorated which may not exist for a long time, but gives a bit of a challenge for someone to find while its there. Any members are quite welcome to challenge other members to find things like rocks arranged as a face or 3 yellow objects placed by someone somewhere – with the first to find them getting a packet of hobnobs! Be aware all future offers of hobnobs or any other prizes will be on the member site!


There are some games that can be played at any time which may give you ideas for a day out. As an example there’s the alphabet game where your children get a sheet given to you with the letters A-Z on it and they have to find for your day out something beginning with every letter. You could go anywhere, of course, with that game so enjoy yourselves with it. But try it in a woodland and get honest answers…. I’ll give you our ‘X’ word to impress others and educate your children – ‘xylem tissue’ is underneath bark so make sure you tell your child to point to the back of the bark if there is a strict adjudicator. This section contains some other games – and maybe some other hints!!

Relax in Cwmbran

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