The woodland is run by a small group of unpaid volunteers. Some serve as directors, some like to work in the woods and others help run events or write websites.

If you or your family are interested in volunteering to learn about the woodland and help with the many maintenance tasks required to look after a 100 acre area that the community can enjoy, you can register and select the ‘Volunteer’ membership level here to be informed of volunteering activities, or just look at the calendar and attend a volunteer day at the woodland. All it requires is that you fill out a form with your details to ensure you are included on our insurance – as you can imagine we do have some powerful machines and so we do need to ensure everyones safety!

Volunteering is FREE and we want all ages and skills. We make sure everyone gets involved! We like to call it the ‘Mountain Gym’ – rather than paying ridiculous fees and going to the gym, why not get your exercise for free and help the environment out at the same time!!! It’s amazing what muscles you find digging gutters, planting trees, bracken bashing, laying roads, building fences, collecting and burning brash and all the other activities that need doing.

A quote from a volunteer who joined in 2015 – “There was a tree planting event in 2015 which me, my mrs, 2 children and 3 grandchildren all went along to as volunteers and all of us helped plant some of the 500 trees over the two days. All ages were involved and learned lots about trees and why they’re important to the wildlife. Now we have an area of the woodland our family can say we helped to build and can watch it grow.”

To ask us anything about else about volunteering, please ask your question here.

If you become a member of the woodland, you will automatically be registered as a volunteer, but be aware it does not commit you to do any volunteering work. We hope though that you will enjoy the woodland and the people you meet so much that you will want to help care for the woodland.

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