We have collated some information about the history of the Blaen Bran site and on this page.

If you havent seen it, the public history page is at A brief history

Coal mining history page

Farming page

Older History

If you have any more information or photographs related to the area we would love to know about it however you want to tell us – before it is lost. It can be kept private if necessary, but it would be great to build an off-line archive too . If you have any relevant information on your websites, we would love to link to it on our website with your permission.

Some facts about South Wales in the early 20th century and how huge it was in the world economy :
It is claimed that at the Cardiff Coal Exchange, the first £1,000,000 business deal in the UK was made during a transaction at the turn of the 20th century. 2500 tonnes of coal were transported to France.

Relax in Cwmbran

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