From left to right :
David Williams
Roy Dixon
Chris Hall
Roger Stevenson
Mark Crew
David Parsons

These people spent their free time back in 2005 to plan, negotiate terms and arrange all the legal paperwork and apply for the funds and grants to turn the area into a woodland which can now be used by the community for over 900 years… And then they started to put the organisation in place to maintain it…

Many thanks to them for taking the time to create the community woodland :
– to spend their free time doing the legal paperwork
– work out how to apply for government grants with generating all the plans and evidence required
– working out a way to get private funding to improve the site
– to decide to do this for the entire community rather than a private arrangement

We should remember the founders negotiated a 999 year lease – so they were not thinking it was just for them. 999 years almost guarantees 33 generations of all our families could still enjoy the place if everyone who uses it gives a small contribution. The only thing that can prevent that lease being agreed is not having enough funds to meet the maintenance commitments that were agreed to. We are aiming to keep the membership cost as low as possible. If you want to become a paid member or willing volunteer for free, check the options here. If you want to donate a lump sum, please contact the event coordinator.

Thank you all !!

Relax in Cwmbran

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