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If you want to join us to contribute towards the equipment for the woodland maintenance and also get access to member information on this website, you can find details about the membership costs and join us at this link..
You can also download a membership form here
If you have a query about joining or an issue with your current membership details please ask us by clicking here. Alternatively email


If you or your family are interested in volunteering help us out maintaining the woodland and learn the skills required to look after a 100 acre woodland, please select the ‘Volunteer’ membership level at this link.
If you have any questions about volunteering, ask us by clicking here. Alternatively, contact us at

Events and other enquiries

For enquiries regarding using the woodland for an event you may want to do or for any other general enquiries please click here. Alternatively contact us at
Do consider that we are a charity and volunteer run community woodland, and so if you are intending to use the area for a money making event you will have to provide a sensible donation from your profits and ensure that you have the insurance cover for your activity. Small community and charity events may be covered by our insurance but will need to be discussed. Examples we have hosted before include scouts events including overnight camps, search and rescue dog training, drystone walling and military fitness.

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