What we’re about

Blaen Bran is both a company limited by guarantee and a charity. The charity and volunteers work to maintain, protect and preserve the woodland. The committee and volunteers are all unpaid. We rely on volunteers, currently nominal membership fees and grants to keep the woodland managed and available for community use. If you use the area please ensure you take care of it and clean up after yourselves as our volunteers don’t need extra work to do!!

We are animal friendly (especially dogs and horses) and are hoping to plant several species of trees to ensure that it can become a haven for many species of wildlife. We also do not mind cycling, but please be careful of the walkers and animals!

No vehicles with engines are allowed in the woodland though, except those for legitimate purposes in helping maintain the wood. They may damage the trees and plants that we are trying to grow and will scare off potential wildlife as well as being a hazard for our many visitors.

We hope that all the community will be able to enjoy the woodland (and the people you meet) so much that you will want to help care for the woodland. Please help to spread the word if you like it and importantly report any misuse of the woodland by people who seem to think that letting their animals litter the paths, leaving tents, smashing bottles, leaving rubbish around, setting fire to things is ok. The volunteers will have to clear it up – and the little funds we have may be needed to rebuild something. Note that there are bins for rubbish and dog waste by the exits. We would prefer to prioritise the improvement of areas rather than just cleaning up after inconsiderate users so any information about irresponsible users are most welcome.

We do encourage organised events for community groups so if interested go to the contact us page.

Relax in Cwmbran

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