Further to our recent update, we are advised that vehicles will now be on site from the morning of Monday 13th February, 2023, to begin work on the Larch Removal Project. 

Felling is likely to start on the same day with hauling starting later the same week or at the beginning of the following week. 

This work is likely to continue for some three to four weeks, so there will be a significant physical presence on site with regular movement of hauled material away from the woods.

As previously stated , appropriate safety measures will be in place, but users of the woodland are advised to exercise caution during this period. 

In addition to the contract personnel , Blaen Bran volunteers will be on site, where possible, to update woodland users , as appropriate.


Further to our previous postings, we now have confirmation that work is due to start on the Larch removal project on Monday, 6th February , 2023.

This means that there will be a significant physical presence within the woodlands , during February and March.

As previously indicated , affected areas will be isolated and contractors will be acting as “banks persons” to ensure that users of the woodlands are kept safe.

There will be appropriate signage to advise people of the restrictions. In addition, where possible, volunteers from Blaen Bran will also be on site to assist users of the woodlands.

In addition to this there will be large plant travelling to and from the woodland via Upper Cwmbran Road, The Bus Terminus and The Square, and there will at times be regular large lorry movements in and out via the same route.

We apologise, in advance, for the inconvenience this will cause.

We will advise you of further developments as they occur, but if you have any questions , please contact us at

Thanks to Henllys Lodge

BBCW have received a donation of £1000 from Henllys Lodge 8283 of the Monmouthshire Freemasons. The cheque was presented today by Worshipful Master Gareth White, Charity Steward Phillip Davies and Lodge Almoner Stuart Howells.

The money will go towards the purchase of a PTO woodchipper for use within the woodland.

On behalf of BBCW Trust Committee, we would like to thank the Lodge members for their kind donation.


Following our submission to Transport for Wales, we have successfully secured funding for the improvement of three access routes, within the woodlands. The funding comes from The National Lottery Heritage Fund Community Woodlands Scheme in partnership with the Welsh Government.

The improvement work included:
• Repairs to the Arboretum track, stairs, and treads as well as the installation of a drainage network to improve access
• Enhanced drainage and access, along the route from the Spring Gate to the Ancient Beeches as well as the installation of an additional bridge
• Reinstatement of the track from the Fire Circle to the turning known as Crew Corner

Work on the project started in late summer and will continue until early Spring next year – although a lot has already been achieved. We are pleased with the positive responses from users of the woodland and will use the success of the project as the basis for further improvements in the future.

Larch Removal Project


In line with BBCW’s Larch removal project, notices of public path closures have today been placed at the woodland entrances. We are still waiting for NRW to produce the written permissions for the project to start and should have an update at the beginning of next week.

However, we believe the project will probably begin in January. 


BBCW Committee.

Big Green Week – Woodland Walk

Celebration of Nature and Trees

A guided walk in Blaen Bran on Thurs 29th Sept as part of Big Green week, meeting in lower car park at 10am.

The walk will be no more than two hours, and participants should wear boots/stout shoes and bring waterproofs in case of showers.

Green Flag Award won for 7th year!

Well done to all the volunteers and the users of the woodland who are helping us keep this status! Thanks also to Keep Wales Tidy and the Eco-Warriors of Bran over the year for their time helping.

Just a gentle reminder that it would make all our groups free/non paid volunteering effort a lot more productive keeping your community maintained a lot easier if all users took their tents/rubbish/cans/bottles/used dog poo bags away themselves rather than leaving us to clean up after you!! Contrary to some beliefs, leaving rubbish around doesn’t give people jobs, but it takes away valuable volunteer time from improvements that we could be doing instead to make our community even better.

Nice to know the efforts of all our community groups are keeping the woodland achieving international quality standards at! Well done all!

Relax in Cwmbran

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