QR Code Example

This would be a page with info about the location that the QR code is put…. It can be a standalone page on the website (ie. there wouldnt be a button on the main website to navigate to it – but it’s stored there!)

You could link to other websites / pages. For example, there could be a wild meadow at the location, so could link to a page like this on another website (could do this directly to the site from the QR code but think its best to show a BBCW page first with the external content linked to like this page….)

Can you identify the red flowers you can see?

Or could link to a page we have created, such as this for the historical walk – or with a bit more effort could have a location QR code at each point of interest on the historical walk, with info about each location – like what to see and where to go next with a page at EACH point.

Can have as many individual different QR codes at any number of locations, each with their own content.

Could even have a QR code to open a map. This could be part of a page like this with more content, with a link to open the map on Google like this or it could be to a map we’ve made like this one

I have put a second QR code on the example to show something opening directly to an external page.

The content at each could change during different times of year (by someone just updating the web page, not the QR code!) eg.

Here are autumn leaves – and have an equivalent for spring, and switch between the web pages twice a year…. Not too onerous.

Another thought on changing posts could be some games like organised treasure hunts. Can have a set of different treasure hunts going around a course between the QR code location markers, and could switch the game, what questions to ask or even the route every now and then.

THINGS FOUND – Think Roger started these little guides, which could be extended (or if we find external websites that have the info, could link out – but good if we knew what to link out too ie. those that are relevant to BBCW)

Spotters Guide – Trees

Spotters Guide – Funghi

Spotters Guide – Flowers

Spotters Guide – Butterflies

Spotters Guide – Birds

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