You are at the “Arboretum Steps”

For emergencies – WHAT 3 WORDS location is to/be/done. COULD ADD GPS TOO ONCE KNOWN.

These steps lead down to the BBCW Arboretum. In the arboretum, you can find at least one of every native Welsh tree planted. Can you find them? The gravel path is the main path around the woodland. Following these will get you to an exit!

You are at the purple marker “4” shown on the map below.

Could add links to surrounding area points if you want (member only info ideally!)…

Could add links to relevant trails if you want (member only info ideally!)…

This sign and the replacement steps and drainage here were funded in a one-off project in 2022/2023 by Transport for Wales. The steps were in need of replacement due to very wet conditions causing damage over the years and many months of Covid lockdowns where maintenance was not allowed. We thank them and their partners.

Relax in Cwmbran

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