You are at Signpost 5

For emergencies – WHAT 3 WORDS location is to/be/done. COULD ADD GPS TOO ONCE KNOWN.

This is at the north end of the “Ancient Beech” trail and close to the “Spring Gate” entrance which is a little further up the gravel path. The stream close to here is part of the Blaen Bran brook.

You are at the purple marker “5” shown on the map below.

Could add relevant info about the surrounding area (if any)

Could add links to relevant trail info on website that pass this marker (if any).

This sign and the re-opening of the “Ancient Beech” trail was funded in a one-off project in 2022/2023 by Transport for Wales. It had become overgrown and very wet due to lack of maintenance during the many months of Covid lockdowns. We thank them and their partners and now aim to keep this trail maintained.

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